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HousAll Systems Corporation is a Canadian company that satisfies the exploding global need for shelter with strong applications in the Commercial, Consumer, Humanitarian and Military marketplaces.  Its Patent Protected shelter system out performs all traditional types of shelter at a cost of ownership that is significantly less expensive than even, a canvas tent.
HousAll Systems Corporation is a sales and marketing company that develops and delivers high quality, low cost, long lasting, shelter systems to world markets.
To realize, through the establishment of strategic partnerships, the continued development, manufacturing and delivery of the HousAll Shelter Systems and their accessories, to world markets at a maximum benefit with a minimum of time, effort and investment while ensuring the widest possible product distribution in order to gain brand recognition and market reach.
To take advantage of the shortage of innovative design in the shelter structure industry and to aggressively market the first commercially available, cost effective line of environmentally friendly and socially responsible, 4 season structures built from a kit with simple tools and no experience required.