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The route of the HousAll Shelter System is the simplicity and versatility to effectively shelter people or property for almost any possible application.


Save the Children USA and Canada have rigorously field tested the HousAll Shelter System for use as school classrooms field offices and teachers accommodations with great success.  Comfort and security are very important for schooling children and the HousAll effectively performs.


HousAll Shelter Systems out performs most traditional forms of military tenting.  The HousAll is dryer and will withstand monsoon conditions and near hurricane winds, it is warmer in winter and cooler is summer. It has been designed for quickly and easy deployment and redeployment and can be palletized.  It is field repairable with a small spare parts list.  The HousAll offers the military the flexibility it needs in the field of operations and it can be quick and easily configured and customized for additional security and unique feild requirements.


Ideal for oil, gas and mineral exploration camps; the HousAll Shelter System delivers durability and multi-functionality.  Most remote camps are well beyond any supporting infrastructure.  Portability and modularity are key components to the successful running of these camps.  The HousAll packs away in a very small space and is designed for easy transport and deployment/redeployment, and very importantly, it is quickly and easily field repairable.


The material properties of the HousAll Shelter Systems provide for a strong and easily to maintain hygienic environment.  The metal and composite framing structure coupled with the polypropylene wall sheeting; facilitate a harbor free space for disease and contaminants.  Simple disinfectant and a small amount of time is all it takes to maintain a clean and healthy space to tend to clinical and medical needs.